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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Burundi - Cover with Mushroom Stamps and an interesting demand of the counter clerk

Another one of the exotic covers from a small African nation of Burundi. It is also one of my self-posted covers that I posted to home during my African adventures.
During one of my trips of the Burundian capital city Bujumbura, I visited the General Post Office in the city center and posted this cover to my home. I did buy a few stamp sheets and some postcards as well but could only post this cover. The most amazing sheets that I bought were miniture sheets featuring Lady Diana.
An Interesting Demand of the Counter Clerk
The most-interesting thing was that the lady at the stamps counter in the post office asked me what I can bring for her from Pakistan (Despite of a very difficult language barrier as she did not speak English). I thought that she needed some stamps or postcards .... but she definitely surprised me by asking for a mobile phone.
The Burundian mushroom stamps used on the cover were issued at two separate occasions.
What do you think about this cover?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Slovenia - Cover With Flower Stamps

It is always nice to receive a postcard or a cover from a unique country. Here's the second cover that I am adding from the European country Slovenia. You can see the first one from Slovenia here.
The cover was posted using two definitive flower stamps out of a set of 17 Flower stamps issued by Slovenia Post in 2007.
The stamps used on the cover show Genista Bolopetala and Serratula Lycopifolia.
The interesting thing I noticed about the stamps on the cover was that the stamps did not have any denomination or price mentioned on them. Instead of the denomination, the stamps just show letters "C" and "D" on each of them. I have no clue about their pricing. Hopefully some of my readers would be able to help us in this regard. Out of the set of 17 stamps, 13 have prices mentioned over them while 4 of them have letters near the right top corner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Uganda: A Beautiful Self-posted Cover from Exotic Uganda

After a long absence from my blog, here's one of my favorite covers - An exotic cover from the exotic African country Uganda.

I self-posted this envelope for myself during my recent visit to Africa that comprises of travels to a few poor yet very beautiful countries. The manifest included Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.
The envelope is postmarked 20 Oct 2014 from the General Post Office in the capital city Kampala. I used different stamps available in the post office from different years.

  • The right most stamp is part of the series of flowering plants showing Callandra Haematocephala. 
  • The second stamp from the right shows a school building with children playing. The inscription on the cover says "Education for All in the New Millennium".
  • The smaller stamp in the middle shows an elegant Nile Crocodile. The stamp costs 500 Ugandan Shillings (UGX).
  • The two stamps on the left is a part of 10 stamps issued on 30th Anniversary of PAPU (Pan African Postal Union Day). The set was issued in 2010. All stamps feature Gorillas in the wild.
How do you like this amazing cover? Share your feelings in the comment box below.

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