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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long live Pak-China Friendship - FDC from Pakistan

Here is a beautiful FDC which I promised to share with you some days ago. This lovely FDC was issued by Pakistan Post on October 1' 2009 at the auspicious occasion of  60th Anniversary of People's Republic of China along with a Rs 10 Coin issued by State Bank of Pakistan.

Pak-China friendship spans over half a century, and is imbused by a high degree of trust and commonality of interests. It has matured into a comprehensive strategic partnership, of immense mutual interest and of special significance for Pakistan’s security and economic development.
The all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan has withstood the test of time and has prospered notwithstanding changes in the international, regional and domestic environment. Both sides are committed to strengthening good-neighborliness and friendship, developing cooperation and deepening strategic relations between China and Pakistan. There is a mutual recognition that it serves fundamental interests of the two countries and people, and will promote peace and development in the region.
Political fundamentals of the relations remain sound, and are reflected in the frequent high-level exchanges, bilateral cooperation, understanding and support for each other’s position at international forum and extensive coordination enables the two sides to exchange views on the evolving strategic and global issues. Cooperation at multilateral forums is also proceeding satisfactorily.
Pakistan was one of the first group of countries to recognize China with diplomatic relations being established on May 21, 1951 Since then, China and Pakistan have witnessed smooth development of friendly and neighborly relations as well as mutually beneficial cooperation.
On 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China Pakistan Post issued this beautiful Commemorative Postage Stamp of Rs.5/- denomination on 01, October 2009.
You can see the coin with the flags of Pakistan and Chinaissued on the same date by clicking at:
Pakistan issues Rs 10 Coin to commemorate 60th Anniversary of China

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful Pakistan Coin with Flags of Pakistan and china

Isn't it magnificent??? This beautiful Pakistan Commemorative Coin was issued on the 60th Anniversary of People's Republic of China on October 1' 2009. The coin is of Rupees 10 and says "Pak-China Friendship Zindabad" or in English it can be translated as "Long Live Pakistan-China Friendship".
I do have a couple of extra copies if some one is interesting in swapping!

A Commemorative Postage Stamp and a First Day Cover (FDC) were also issued on the occasion, which can be seen here: Pakistan FDC Issued on 60th Anniversary of China

How can you miss this Pakistan-Philippines Joint Issue???

Lately Pakistan Post has issued this beautiful stamp on the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and Philippines.  The stamp was issued on 9 Sep 2009 and is of Rs 5 denomination.
"Pakistan and the Philippines have always enjoyed friendly and cordial relations. Both countries were partners in defunct SEATO. There are many commonalities between the two countries. Both are Asian and developing countries and share the common objectives of peace and development. The two countries also share the experience of colonial past and have large English speaking populations. Both countries have been supporting each others candidatures at various international fora."
I know that there is a huge number of stamp, FDC and Postcard collectors in Philippines and I am sure that None of them will like to miss this one. I also love it when some other country features Pakistan flag on any philatelic material..... Its always a MUST-HAVE item for any one in Philippines at least.

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