Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Slovenia - An Amazing Cover from the Beautiful European Country

After a long time, when I decided to share a new cover from my collection, I decided to share a real-posted cover from a new country, therefore I selected this cute cover from Slovenia or Slovenija, as they spell it on the stamps.
The envelope is a made up of beautiful dull blue-coloured paper and the stamps really emboss on dull blue background.
The cover was sent to me by Karmen from Slovenia alongwith a couple of postcards and coins too.
The cover is posted with 3 stamps on the face.

  • The left-most Slovenian souvenir sheet featuring a flower was issued in 2009 and shows a Ranunculus Arvensis.
  • The middle stamp is one of the set of two stamps issued by Slovenia in 2008 at the event of Beijing Olympics. You can see the complete set here.
  • The stamp on the right side was also issued in 2009 at the moment of "World Cup Athletes, Berlin". The stamp shows various athletes in action in different coloured silhouettes. It is really a very beautiful and coloured stamp and I absolutely love it.
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Jesh St Germain said...

Wow 9 kg. of stamps must be a lot of stamps!! My son collected stamps for a blue Monday (meaning a short period) in his teens.

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