Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Uganda: A Beautiful Self-posted Cover from Exotic Uganda

After a long absence from my blog, here's one of my favorite covers - An exotic cover from the exotic African country Uganda.

I self-posted this envelope for myself during my recent visit to Africa that comprises of travels to a few poor yet very beautiful countries. The manifest included Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.
The envelope is postmarked 20 Oct 2014 from the General Post Office in the capital city Kampala. I used different stamps available in the post office from different years.

  • The right most stamp is part of the series of flowering plants showing Callandra Haematocephala. 
  • The second stamp from the right shows a school building with children playing. The inscription on the cover says "Education for All in the New Millennium".
  • The smaller stamp in the middle shows an elegant Nile Crocodile. The stamp costs 500 Ugandan Shillings (UGX).
  • The two stamps on the left is a part of 10 stamps issued on 30th Anniversary of PAPU (Pan African Postal Union Day). The set was issued in 2010. All stamps feature Gorillas in the wild.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When did Captain Jack Sparrow visit Pakistan??

In an interesting find, it was revealed that Captain Jack Sparrow visited Pakistan after 1948 but none of the Pakistanis came to know about this secret visit ... and how could they? After all he is CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!
In the latest movie of the amazing Pirates of the Caribbean series On Stranger Tides, Captain Jack Sparrow was seen wearing a bead strip, hanging from his hair. Attached at the end of strip is the Pakistani Coin of Half Rupee issued between 1948-1951.
 I wonder if Captain Jack Sparrow himself visited Pakistan to get the coin or it was part of a treasure that he found from another pirate ship? ;-)
You can also see the same coin issued in 1948 up, close and personal in the photo below:-
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~~~ abc wednesday ~~~

Rupees 25 Pakistan Navy Commemorative Coin issued by State Bank of Pakistan

To commemorative the golden jubilee of Pakistan Navy’s Submarine Force, the State Bank has issued a Rs 25 commemorative coin on June 1.

A total of 50,000 coins have been issued and the general public can obtain these coins from all field offices of the State Bank.

According to the Finance Ministry, the composition of the coin is 75pc copper and 25pc nickel. The commemorative coin weighs approximately 12 grams and have a diameter of 30 millimetres.

The coin bears crescent moon and a five-pointed star on one side, while the other side bears the logo of the navy’s Submarine force, with the inscription “1964- 2014”.

Some of the recent coins issued by State Bank include the following:-

Do you like this coin? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Floating Fern or Water Butterfly Wings on Belarus Cover

Today, I have a beautiful cover from my collection to share with you. It is from Belarus showing a lovely plant with white flowers.
This Belarus cover was sent to me by Natalia from Gomel, Belarus.
The stamps used on the cover shows a type of fern - Salvinia natansSalvinia natans (commonly known as floating fern, or commercially known as Water Butterfly Wings) is an annual floating aquatic fern, which can appear superficially similar to moss. It is found throughout the world where there is plentiful standing fresh water, sunlight, and humid air, but is especially common in Africa, Asia, central Europe and South America.
The stamp is a part of a set of 2 stamps - Ferns 2v in 2012 by Belarus Post - BelPost.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Site - The best for your kids

Hello Pals!
In recent days, one of my favorite game has been “Little Alchemy”. It is pretty amazing and brain-moving.
During my school days, I used to hate chemistry as a subject. Afterwards when I reached university, I reckoned that it was not the subject that I hated but my teacher was unable to inspire me.
In university, my Chemistry matched with that of my lecturer’s and I simply loved the subject. It was just his way of teaching and explaining things that helped me restore my confidence and I turned out to be one of the finest students in class.
Now after so much time, me and my friend were looking for a chemistry tutor for his daughter when I came across this amazing Chemistry tutoring site. I recommended the site to my friend and she is already registered with the site for taking Chemistry lessons online.
After taking classes for more than a month, I asked her opinion about the website and she was all praise for it. In her opinion, this was the best Chemistry tutoring site in the world and she expressed her desire to share it with the entire planet. I agreed to share it with my blog readers and recommend it to them too for learning Chemistry.
Hope it will help all of you and your children!!!

Keep going pals!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sochi 2014 Olympics Games and Pakistan's Participation in Olympics

I have always been a sports fanatic and Olympics has been the twilight of all sports events held on the planet. In fact, I have a special admiration for Olympics Stamps and have a nice collection of them by now.
My primary love is for Summer Olympics because PAKISTAN does send a few teams in these Olympics and even managed to get some medals there - although very few as compared to the huge population and the talented youth available in the country; but there are some obvious reasons and most importantly it's the dirty politics in the country in general and in Pakistan Olympics Federation in particular. A little Google search reveals the following:-

  • After it's independence in 1947, Pakistan has participated in all Summer Olympics Games except in 1980 when it joined the US-led Olympics Boycott as it were held in Moscow, Russia.
  • In total, Pakistan has won 10 medals so far, including 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals.
  • Out of the total 10 medals, Pakistan Field Hockey Team has won 8 including 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.
  • The remaining 2 Bronze medals were won in Wrestling and Boxing.
  • ... and unfortunately, Pakistan has not won a single medal in the last 5 Olympics Games since 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain to 2012 Olympics Games in London, UK.

Pakistan has never sent any team to Winter Olympics, if I am not wrong.
Sorry, Google has again proved me wrong ------ Pakistan's first participation in Winter Olympics Games was in 2010 in Vancouver Winter Olympics, where Mr Muhammad Abbas represented Pakistan in Alpine Skiing category in Men's Giant Slalom event. He was ranked 79 out of 103 qualifiers.
Pakistan's Ski Team has also qualified for 2014 Winter Olympics Games in Sochi, Russia, scheduled to be held from February 7 - 23, 2014.
 The above stamp was issued in 2011 by Russian Postal Service to commemorate Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Games. It is one of the stamp of a series of 3 stamps.
The magnificent cover is definitely a nice addition in my Olympics Covers Collection.
The envelope also contained this lovely Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Russia Mascot sticker.
The back of the cover was sealed with very cute small cartoon stickers. I like it!

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