Saturday, April 25, 2015

Burundi - Cover with Mushroom Stamps and an interesting demand of the counter clerk

Another one of the exotic covers from a small African nation of Burundi. It is also one of my self-posted covers that I posted to home during my African adventures.
During one of my trips of the Burundian capital city Bujumbura, I visited the General Post Office in the city center and posted this cover to my home. I did buy a few stamp sheets and some postcards as well but could only post this cover. The most amazing sheets that I bought were miniture sheets featuring Lady Diana.
An Interesting Demand of the Counter Clerk
The most-interesting thing was that the lady at the stamps counter in the post office asked me what I can bring for her from Pakistan (Despite of a very difficult language barrier as she did not speak English). I thought that she needed some stamps or postcards .... but she definitely surprised me by asking for a mobile phone.
The Burundian mushroom stamps used on the cover were issued at two separate occasions.
What do you think about this cover?

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