Friday, April 8, 2011

Cultural Heritage of Spain - Al-Hamra on Pakistan's FDC

A nice philatelic cover to share with all of you. 

It is a magnificent stamp and First Day Cover issued by Pakistan Post to commemorate "Islamic Cultural Heritage". The stamp and FDC were issued on 14 December 1992.

 Interestingly, the spellings of Al-Hamra are different on the stamp and the envelope. On the envelope it is spelled as "Al-Hamra" whereas on the stamp it says "Alhambra". Which ones are correct? Only a Spanish friend can help, I believe!
 The picture on the cover also shows a mosque with the following words written inside (It is probably the monogram for World Muslim Congress as written below too):-
 The stamp is postmarked from Philatelic Bureau Peshawar, which is the closest philatelic bureau to Pak-Afghan Border in North, where all the fighting is underway on one pretext or the other.


Seri Negara said...

Hi! Would you like to receive covers from Canada? I would like to get a friend from Pakistan. Please give me your postal address, I'll send a cover to you. Thank you.

Seri Negara said...

Hi! Would you be interested with Canadian stamps? I would like to get covers from Pakistan. Please give me your postal address if you are interested. Thank you very much.

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