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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pakistan Stamps with Aircrafts - A tribute to Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

Hi Pals!
Here I have for you another nice stamp sheet with 10 nice stamps issued to commemorate the Pakistan Air Force Day on September 7, 1987. Each stamp is of PKR 3/- denomination.

To share the PAF's pride in its rich heritage of courage, sacrifice and professional excellence as well as to honour those daring pilots who wrote a glorious chapter in our history with their blood, Pakistan Post Office issued this nice set of 10 commemorative postage stamps, each depicting a different PAF aircraft, on the occasion of the 1987 Air Force Day.

The scenes depicted on the stamps are from a series of specially commissioned aviation paintings done by Squadron Leader Masood A Hussaini, the officially appointed aviation artist of the Pakistan Air Force. The set of 10 stamps, each bearing the impression of a combat, transport or training aircraft, shows how the PAF grew from its modest beginnings 40 years ago, to its present hard-hitting posture. Manned by highly professional men, the PAF stands ready today to rise swiftly to deter and defeat aggression against Pakistan.

Seventh September occupies a place of prominence on the PAF calendar. Popularly known as the Air Force Day, it evokes memories of heroism and gallant displayed by the nation's air arm during September '65 India-Pakistan war.

It was on this day, 22 years ago, that a small band of daring PAF pilots supported by an equally dedicated group of officers and men on the ground rose to the very heights of professionalism and, although outnumbered and outmatched in equipment, blunted the aggressor's air power. As a mark of respect for the glorious acts of valour performed by these brave sons of the soil (a number of whom achieved "shahadat" during that war), the Pakistan Air Force observes 7th September as the Air Force Day.

The occasion is celebrated all over the country with great patriotic fervour and public enthusiasm. The day starts with prayers of thanks giving and "Quran Khwani" for the "Shuhada" at the PAF mosques. This is followed by special Air Force Day parades at all PAF Bases to mark the occasion. In an impressive ceremony in the city of Karachi, Flight Cadets from PAF Academy, Risalpur, which had the proud distinction of being the only military Academy ever visited by the Quaid-e-Azam, mount Guard at the Quaid\'s mausoleum to pay homage to the Father of the Nation.

The Air Bases are then thrown open to general public to afford them an yearly opportunity to see their Air Force from close quarters and to gain first hand knowledge about some of its equipment and weapons. The elaborate equipment arrays and flying displays held on the occasion draw countless Pakistanis of all ages and from different walks of life to these air bases throughout the day. All types of aircraft held on the PAF inventory can be seen performing thrilling aerial maneuvers over the PAF airfields throughout the day, to the great enjoyment of all visitors, specially young students of schools and colleges. As evening approaches, the gates of the air bases close till the next year behind the departing citizens, when they would be welcomed again by their hosts in blue.

Isn't it a wonderful piece of work???


Kristiina said...

wow, really wonderful stamps! i would love to have them on the cover :D maybe we could swap?

eKohs said...

Hey, very cool blog.. its very informative : )

Usman Sheikh said...

I have this collection :D .... n I love them ... !

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