Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When did Captain Jack Sparrow visit Pakistan??

In an interesting find, it was revealed that Captain Jack Sparrow visited Pakistan after 1948 but none of the Pakistanis came to know about this secret visit ... and how could they? After all he is CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!
In the latest movie of the amazing Pirates of the Caribbean series On Stranger Tides, Captain Jack Sparrow was seen wearing a bead strip, hanging from his hair. Attached at the end of strip is the Pakistani Coin of Half Rupee issued between 1948-1951.
 I wonder if Captain Jack Sparrow himself visited Pakistan to get the coin or it was part of a treasure that he found from another pirate ship? ;-)
You can also see the same coin issued in 1948 up, close and personal in the photo below:-
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Rupees 25 Pakistan Navy Commemorative Coin issued by State Bank of Pakistan

To commemorative the golden jubilee of Pakistan Navy’s Submarine Force, the State Bank has issued a Rs 25 commemorative coin on June 1.

A total of 50,000 coins have been issued and the general public can obtain these coins from all field offices of the State Bank.

According to the Finance Ministry, the composition of the coin is 75pc copper and 25pc nickel. The commemorative coin weighs approximately 12 grams and have a diameter of 30 millimetres.

The coin bears crescent moon and a five-pointed star on one side, while the other side bears the logo of the navy’s Submarine force, with the inscription “1964- 2014”.

Some of the recent coins issued by State Bank include the following:-

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