Monday, May 16, 2016

Ukraine - Birds & Fruits Cover

After a very very long absence, here I am and as usual I am planning to be more regular in posting in coming days. I have swapped countless postcards and covers over this time, travelled a lot and would love to share these with you now.
This lovely cover is from Ukraine, which was posted by Rizun from Ukraine in the place of an official Postcrossing postcard. She added the postcard inside this cover.
4 stamps and one mini sheet have been used on the cover.

  • The right most stamp is a very small mini-sheet issued in 2009 and the stamp shows a cute parrot. The mini-sheet was issued as part of 100 years celebrations of Kyiv Zoo. The area around the stamp shows a giraffe, a snake and a pelican. A lion and a tiger are also featured inside the Kyiv Zoo logo on the right top of the mini-sheet.
  • The stamp in the center with a bird is basically part of a mini-sheet with 4 stamps. The beautiful mini-sheet was named "Spring, Flowers".
  • The other 2 stamps are part of a set of 13 stamps issued as definitive set under the name "Trees and Fruits". This set was issued in 2012.

Apart from liking the beautiful FDC, I do also like the way the name of my beloved country "Pakistan" is written in Russian at the end of my address.

Hopefully I will continue to make more posts in the coming days.

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