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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#18: Pakistan: 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight (1903-2003)

Here is a beautiful FDC from Pakistan. It is a lovely cover issued on the centenary celebrations of the First Powered Flight in 2003. 2003 marked a historic year in aviation. On 17 December 1903, the sands of Kitty Hawk, North California witnessed a breathtaking spectacle in human history. On this epoch-making date, a 100 years ago, two brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, stunned the world by staging a successful flight in their first piloted biplane. Their intense preoccupation with flying was fuelled not by economic necessity but mostly from their imaginative determination to cross one of the last technological barriers to human flight-stability in the air. The event changed the course of history. The year 2003 therefore was a year to celebrate the past and embrace the future.

At the dawn of the centennial year of powered flight on 17 December 2003, aviation technology has traversed a long distance, interspersed with phenomenal strides, over the past one hundred years. This is true of all kinds of aviation-commercial, general , military and space-focused. In just 100 years man has progressed from those first hesitant hops to conquering the globe and beyond it into space. Distances have amazingly shrunk, and man has already stepped on the moon. Every place on earth is now only hours away-rather than weeks or months before the aeroplane. The story of the preceding century is one of unceasing innovation, vision and outstanding courage in unlocking the secrets of flight and extending the boundaries of performance.

Air power, it appears, has acquired for itself the mantle of authority to fulfill the prophecies of its ardent advocates like Glulo Douhet, and perhaps exceeds his vision of the potential of air bombardment. Winston Churchill, minced no words in acknowledging the role of air power when he stated:

"For good or ill, air mastery is today the supreme expression of military power. And fleets and armies, however necessary and important must accept subordinate rank. This is a memorable milestone in the march of man."

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of powered flight, 2 x commemorative postage stamps were issued by Pakistan Post which reflect its deep sense of belonging to this historic moment. The set is one of my personal favorites. I absolutely love them.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buy A Place on Earth and Take Your Business or Blog to the Next Level

After a long time, yesterday I came across this beautiful website which struck my imagination. The idea behind the website is so intriguing and unique that I could not resist sharing it with all of you. I have spent hours finding various places, exploring different towns and watching magnificent monuments on Google Earth but even then I had never thought of this matchless plan.

The website offers a 3D Earth which is available for advertising purposes. You can avail this opportunity and buy a place on earth to advertise your business or hobbies. While it is becoming extremely difficult to buy some land in real world, you can lay your hands on this gorgeous prospect to buy a chunk of 3D earth. Complete earth is available for sale and you can become the proud owner of any city, country, continent or ocean. You can even purchase entire planet and place your company logo on it.

The basic idea of the site is based on 3D Pixel Advertising. It is a distinctive initiative to use earth for advertising purposes. I went through the site repeatedly and every time I discovered fresh reasons to use it to advertise my blog. Some of these motives are as follows:-

  1. The uniqueness of the idea offers a great opportunity for the business holders and blog owners because your business space will be viewed by billions of users around the globe. 3D Earth can be spun or zoomed to view the ads closely. Its 3D format makes it interesting and attracts audience from every corner of the planet.
  2. The place you buy today will display your ad forever. Above all you do not have to pay monthly or yearly fees afterwards.
  3. The price of the space on the 3D earth is extremely low, which enables you to buy large pieces of land to promote your business.
  4. 3D pixel advertising attracts more visitors than any other form of advertising. The pictures/ logos provided by the business owners will be placed on earth. By clicking these pictures/ logos, your visitors will be able to access your web space. It has proved to be a highly respected form of advertising.
  5. 3D Earth can work as a matchless web directory in an exclusive and unparalleled way.

Although this post is not related to my blog theme but still I could not resist the idea of buying a place on Earth. I know that it is tough to compete in today’s business environment but this beautiful website provides you a chance to stand tall among your competitors. The site is advantageous to long term businessmen as well as to the blog owners/ forum moderators who want huge traffic to their places.

So to book your land on 3D Earth, you can visit “Buy a Place on Earth” now and take your business to the next level.

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