Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Floating Fern or Water Butterfly Wings on Belarus Cover

Today, I have a beautiful cover from my collection to share with you. It is from Belarus showing a lovely plant with white flowers.
This Belarus cover was sent to me by Natalia from Gomel, Belarus.
The stamps used on the cover shows a type of fern - Salvinia natansSalvinia natans (commonly known as floating fern, or commercially known as Water Butterfly Wings) is an annual floating aquatic fern, which can appear superficially similar to moss. It is found throughout the world where there is plentiful standing fresh water, sunlight, and humid air, but is especially common in Africa, Asia, central Europe and South America.
The stamp is a part of a set of 2 stamps - Ferns 2v in 2012 by Belarus Post - BelPost.
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